JEET wireless Bluetooth headset design is also based on the simplicity of the design, in order to appeal to people to pay attention to the sound quality, and in the appearance design made a subtraction design, “ugly” in the fashion circle is famous, is the most popular fashion digital single product of the time.

JEET headset simple low-key design behind, is a number of high-end configuration design, including high pass CSR8645 Bluetooth chip scheme, APT-X patent technology, the neodymium magnet 11MM ultra large moving coil sound unit, and so on, so high level, can fully ensure the high level of sound quality, so that the whole sound quality is full of quality, special sound field analysis power super Strong, ensure that the nondestructive sound quality is highly presented.

JEET brand advocates focusing on sound quality and configuration, and is praised by the media as “the king of Bluetooth headset performance price ratio”. This kind of Bluetooth headset, which has a flat price, proves that not all Bluetooth headphones are more expensive, the better the national goods have, and the recognition of tens of thousands of users. It has become a big best-selling headset brand at home and abroad. However, with the booming sales, many counterfeit JEET brand cottage products are growing everywhere. It is suggested that the official store should be more reliable if needed.