A good wire – control earphone can not only save you a bit of money, but also the sound quality is not necessarily less than the Bluetooth headset, although the headphone line will produce the bottom of the phone line. However, high quality digital music can be transmitted at the speed of transmission. After all, the transmission speed of Bluetooth can not reach the transmission speed of the signal line. At present, the medium and low end products are rarely able to carry the headset products with high quality Bluetooth transmission protocol.

The main gap between Bluetooth and line control earphones lies in the transmission speed and the way of wearing the headphones. Although the line headphones have a fast transmission speed, with the direct push of the mobile phone, the signal bottom noise of the high sensitivity earphones is plagued by many users. So today we are going to talk about the line controlled headphones that the handsets are pushing.

FX99X is a hybrid shock diaphragm headset, which can correspond to the Hi-Res specification high resolution sound source, and can output non-destructive sound quality, so that you can listen to real music. The neodymium magnet drive unit is designed to lift high density magnetic flux and achieve clearer and deeper sound.