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A good wire – control earphone can not only save you a bit of money, but also the sound quality is not necessarily less than the Bluetooth headset, although the headphone line will produce the bottom of the phone line. However, high quality digital music can be transmitted at the speed of transmission. After all, … Read more

When we plan to create an operational amplifier for headphone applications (the last choice is the OPA1622 operational amplifier), the first problem we need to solve is to determine the power required for the headphones. Think of headphones and speakers as converters that convert input power to audible output power. Analogous to all processes, the … Read more

JEET Bluetooth headset as a domestic Bluetooth headset brand, sales at home and abroad are very popular. Positioning parity, with the sound quality and comfort level comparable to 1000 headphones, is known as the first choice for Bluetooth in the Bluetooth headset. The appearance of this headset looks simple and ordinary, but the configuration is … Read more

American business reseller best buy ahead of advance online Beats headset 10th Anniversary Edition, the Tibetan version contains a number of headphones launched by Beats, which will be officially sold after Apple WWDC, now online shopping, Smiths City and other e-commerce sites. The collector’s edition uses Beats’s original red and black matching color. This page … Read more

JEET wireless Bluetooth headset design is also based on the simplicity of the design, in order to appeal to people to pay attention to the sound quality, and in the appearance design made a subtraction design, “ugly” in the fashion circle is famous, is the most popular fashion digital single product of the time. JEET … Read more

YuneLee, the research director, said they recruited 35 participants aged between 18 and 41, agreed to undergo functional MRI scans and listen to sentences of different complexity. After studying, they found something surprising about young people. Some volunteers found mild hearing loss at baseline. They noted that the participants with subtle hearing were similar in … Read more